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Wine FAQs

Q:  Why is there saw dust in a pack with my kit?
A:  Oak sawdust or chips fives wine the flavor of being aged in a barrel.


Q:  Can I skip the primary fermentor?
A:  With a wine kit it is not recommended but sometimes I skip and go to a carboy.  Don't fill up to the top, measure 7" from top and draw a fill to line.  After fermentation stops, top up to 3" from top of carboy.


Q:  It has been 3 days and nothing is going on, no signs of fermentation?
A:  Add yeast in small aluminum packet.


Q:  How long should we age white wine?
A:  I recommend aging whites 3 months and drinking BEFORE 3 years of age.


Q:  Can I cut back on the amount of sodium metabisulphite?
A1:  The amount in most kits is under FDA requirements in most cases.
A2:  Yes, do not expect to keep the wine longer than 3 years.
A3:  Do not expect to get a headache from drinking it.


Q:  How do you make fresh fruit wine?
A:  Book one of our classes or cal us for information 610-705-3322


Q:  Why should I use potassium sorbate to finish my wine?
A:  If you have a slight rise in temperature, the potassium sorbate keeps wine from "refermenting", this normally build up C02 and pressure in bottle.  The end result is the corks blowing out of the bottles that are leaning over in your wine rack.


Q:  Do I need an air lock?
A:  Yes, keeps air out (enemy in wine), keeps friendly gasses in.


Q:  How do I make my wine sweet?
A:  Finish, clear wine, add Potassium Sorbate, wait 3 days, add 5 lbs of sugar to 1 cup water and boil until you can see clear to bottom of pot.  Add in increments until you have your desired sweetness.  NOTE:  Calorie watchers, you can use SWEET N LOW or EQUAL, Atkins Watchers, you can use SPLENDA as well.


Q:  What is a must?
A:  Wine terms it is the 1st stage of wine and ingredients.


Q:  What is a wart?
A:  Beer terms it is the 1st stage of beer and ingredients.


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